How Twitter Likes Benefit Famous Celebrities?

News 02:11 November 2019:

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The onset of social media has enables famous personalities to gain direct content with their supporters. Many of them have even adopted it as propeller to popularity. In addition, a notable instance of someone who attained his fame through social media is Justin Bieber. If you will recall, he started out a sensation on another social network YouTube. Many people viewed his videos while singing R&B and from there he was recognized and introduced to Usher. Later on, the latter helped him become a famous singer.

As you can see, Bieber evidently has initial experience of the significance of beating social media, which became the reason why he has made certain that the diverse types are completely tapped and he took advantage of it. In line with this, it was only Bieber and another famous singer Rihanna who became the only artists to make it in the top 5 of the most influential social media platforms these days, namely Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

On the other hand, while these two artists dominate significant presence in any platform, there are some personalities who are more highly recognized in one form than the other.  For instance, the Jenner sisters with their stunning curves and pretty faces, noticeably have tons of followers on Instagram. They also have huge following on Twitter even though the number of Twitter likes is immeasurable as compared to other entertainment celebrities.

In the same way, the late King of Pop Michael Jackson apparently does not have Twitter and IG account, nevertheless, his fans have established a dedicated page for him on Facebook and this surprisingly accumulated more likes as compared to other renowned artists Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

What is more, the whimsicality of Ellen DeGeneres and the vivacity of a talk show goddess Oprah Winfrey convey that they would lure huge following on Twitter, but not necessarily in other social media networks such as IG and Facebook.

Over and above, famous personalities utilizing social media have absolutely come a long way since another celebrity named Ashton Kutcher combatted it out with the highly acclaimed CNN for the first one to garner a million audiences on Twitter. At present, Kutcher only ranks 19th among all well-known personalities with merely a total of roughly 15 million fans. For a fact, this is quite far as compared to the 35 million followers of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

The famous personalities mentioned above are just a few of the solid evidences of the usefulness of social media networks to renowned celebrities like them. People are drawn to artists who are known for their unique talents and acting skills and they generally get the most number of Twitter likes whenever they post and share something about their current lives, latest album, show, concert and movies.

Since these people have lots of fans that endlessly offer their support to them, social media networks greatly help in making their careers improve and soar higher even more. At times, the number of their followers, likes, comments and engagement can be a tremendous challenge to all of them. 

In Search of Unmatched Tactics to Attain More Twitter Likes

Users of Twitter give ways Twitter likes for various reasons and perhaps one of those could be that they very much prefer the idea that was expressed through the tweet. It is essential to understand that “like” rate greatly aids in surfacing the most top-rated ideas. In addition, it gauges likes or favorites through impressions, underscoring the posts that obtained the most appreciated comparable to the number of Twitter users who viewed it.

So, what are the most first-rate tactics to obtain more audiences on Twitter?

Great influencers, renowned firms, famous personalities and big brands’ advice is to stay relevant and patient. Needless to say, success isn’t attained overnight. As the saying goes, if there is no pain; there is no gain. To put simply, this conveys that it requires hard work to succeed in whatever social media endeavor you may have.

It is important to know that acquiring a huge following certainly consumes considerable amount and requires perseverance. Likewise, it takes a commitment to interact with your community on a consistent basis and carefully pay attention to what they need to say and share. 

Keep in mind that being yourself which means being real in your reply and answering with intention will help you go further.

What is means to sharing the most top-drawer form of content at your most suitable time?

The general idea behind this initial phase is to reutilize and repurpose your content without the need to adopt the identical post repeatedly. More than that, it is crucial to link your best time to share to the different forms of content within Post Planner’s Plan so as to optimize the rate of your engagement.

How about sharing the appropriate mix of content for your followers to increase your Twitter likes rate?

Once you have selected your best time to post, it is now high time to add in the content that you would like to disseminate to your audiences. Here, it is required to include all factors such as quotes, infographics to podcasts, images, videos and blog posts.

In like manner, the most hassle-free means to execute this is to gather through your highest trafficked content. You may consider referring to Google Search Console and tap Search Traffic and go to Search Analytics. Afterwards, click “Position.” Note that what you are searching for here are pages that rank on first page and around position 1.

From there, you can select your highest ranked posts and open each one of them. Craft 3 varieties of each headline and drop them into your account within the Post Planner. Be reminded that all these must be distinct.

The next step is to search all other content that you have crafted in the past and draw in the content that you shared the most. You will begin to add all of these into your Plan. At the time you have roughly 15+ posts from your content, this is the time that signals you to add in other users’ content. Then, you may refer to “Find” in your Post Planner to start your pursuit.